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Born and raised in Southern California, Rebecca Rivera received her bachelor’s degree in Costume Design for the Theatre before moving to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While in her last semester, Rivera was chosen to compete in the annual FUSION runway show. A competition between 15 of the top designers from both Parsons and FIT. Upon graduating, Rivera qualified for the top 50 in the MUUSE X Vogue Talents Young Vision Award Competition. Rivera has presented her collections at Los Angeles Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz El Paso Fashion Week, and several shows in New York City.


Based between New York and Los Angeles, IRISHLATINA is inspired by a mix of cultures and coasts. IRISHLATINA is a sustainable clothing brand offering seasonless pieces made from post-consumer products. Keeping clothing out of landfills by reusing them as fabric, and by producing under a “slow fashion” model, IRISHLATINA’s ethos strives to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. 


In 2016, I saw a documentary called The True Cost, and I immediately changed the way I designed for my business. Learning that fashion is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, I refused to contribute to the problem. Considering that the average American trashes 70 pounds of textiles each year, I decided to make new clothing from old clothing. I source post-consumer garments from secondhand stores or warehouses, and I treat them just like I would new fabric. I use my original patterns to create new designs, while simultaneously keeping clothing out of the landfill. For IRISHLATINA, sustainability is not a trend. It’s about respecting the earth’s resources, and the quality of human life. I believe that all aspects of creation should be considered, from raw material to the finished product. Those priorities will always be in fashion! At IRISHLATINA, all clothing is made in-house in Southern California. I maintain a transparent manufacturing process, and  welcome any questions about how we do things. I also encourage you, my lovely customer, to ask yourself “Who made my clothes?”


Love, Rebecca

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